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Warburton Highway, Wandin North

Warburton Highway carries a high volume of cars, buses and heavy trucks. While speed is restricted to 40km/h during school hours, crossing is not limited to thes times where pedestrians need to safely access bus stops. Hundreds of cars converge at the school during drop off and pick up times whilst other cars, trucks and buses are commuting, making it an extremely busy stretch of road.


On the highway side (opposite the school) there is no footpath or adequate barriers to protect pedestrians that use the bus stop, nor is there a designated bus zone or protection for commuters who are waiting to board and alight buses.


I call on this Labor Government to recognise this as an urgent safety matter, investigate this crossing, and provide funding to install footpaths and protective barriers to keep children, parents, school staff and members of the Wandin community safe. 

I urge you to sign the petition above to help me make pedestrians safe at Warburton Highway, Wandin North safe. 

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