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Make Warburton Hwy Seville East Safe

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"I will be calling on the Minister for Roads requesting urgent action to install dedicated turning lanes and traffic islands on Warburton Highway at Peters Road and Sunnyside Road." - Bridget Vallence MP, Upper Yarra Mail, 15 April 2019

“If VicRoads' response is to put reflectors on the road, that’s a slap in the face to the residents who are still worried about safety and children crossing the road.”

“They're clearly not addressing the issue, which is about residents being able to safely turn off and onto the Warburton Highway safely,” 

- Bridget Vallence MP, Upper Yarra Mail, 13 February 2020

Warburton Highway is the most dangerous road in the outer east, long neglected by this Labor Government. I called on the Minister for Roads in Parliament many times last year when it was clear that Labor’s Budget provided nothing for this road.


The Minister stated last year that VicRoads is investigating ways to improve this section of the highway and would complete the review by July 2019. Half a year later, the Department of Transport has merely fitted a section of the highway with reflective markers and guideposts. 

Local residents are not happy. Reflective markers are not want the community wants and are an unacceptable solution to the dire state of the road. These markers will not stop cars from being rear-ended at peak times or save a child's life. Even worse, local residents have been told by VicRoads that this road has been put in a pipeline project list. 


Motorists are still unable to turn safely into and from their homes, and with the start of the school year there is still no safe way for school students to cross safely from the bus stops. Local residents can no longer wait. Action needs to be taken now. This known dangerous road needs to be fixed before another tragedy. I will not stop fighting to get Warburton Highway fixed until real action is taken by this Labor Government. 

WATCH: On 6 Feb 2020, I asked the Minister for Roads and Minister for Road Safety and the TAC on behalf of residents in my community: when will the government commit funding to fix the dangerous stretch of road of Warburton Highway between Peters and Douthie roads, Seville East?

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