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Stable One is a volunteer organisation that runs a winter night shelter which partners with local churches to provide temporary refuge for those experiencing homelesness. YET they've been dealt a blow by the Labor Government and Victorian Building Authority requiring architects and draftspeople to draw up plans for every participating church for costly building upgrades to continue this valuable service helping the most vulnerable in society.

A night shelter in a church is by far a better option than a night exposed to the elements in a local park, outside public toilets, or in a car. I’ve called on the Minister to intervene and make clear in the provisions in the Building Act so that our churches can continue to help those in need during the cold winter months.

WATCH: On 13 August 2019, I asked the Minister for Housing and Minister for Planning to clarify how section 64 of the Building Act 1993 is to be applied in relation to churches providing short-term shelter for homeless persons. I ask the Minister to take action to allow churches to remain a place of temporary shelter for the homeless. Victorian lives are depending on it.


“Charitable, volunteer organisations like Stable One partner with local churches to provide much needed refuge and temporary shelter to the most vulnerable in our community, and are being shut down because of Victorian Building Authority bureaucracy." - Bridget Vallence MP

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