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No funding to deliver free TAFE fantasy

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Wednesday 25 January 2023

Young Victorians have been tricked about free TAFE as Labor is exposed for failing to provide additional funding for TAFE courses across the state.

Labor need to come clean about the risk of cuts to its free TAFE election promise, with the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) post-election report revealing no new funding to deliver the commitment, and no commitment to deliver funding for the promised program beyond the end of next year.

Funding for Labor’s TAFE promise will be cut from existing TAFE initiatives, leaving a blackhole in funding additional places for young Victorians over coming years.

It is yet another example of Daniel Andrews promising Victorians more services with no plan or intention of ever delivering it.

Young Victorians were disproportionately impacted by the world’s longest lockdowns disrupting education and their ability to start and complete TAFE and get into the workforce.

At a time where Victoria is on the brink of a skills crisis, with the government’s own data showing Victoria will face a shortage of nearly 400,000 workers by 2025 in critical industries including health, disability care, teaching and essential services, now is not the time for uncertainty and funding cuts to TAFE.

Shadow Minister for Skills and Training, Bridget Vallence said the report exposes Labor’s deceit.

“Victorians were told that free TAFE courses will be open to more Victorians for study in coming years. They were sold a lie,” Ms Vallence said.

“To ensure our state has the workforce of tomorrow, government’s must do their job today. We need certainty about investment in TAFE, not cuts.”

“Daniel Andrews’ funding blackhole for his free TAFE program will only hurt young Victorians aspiring to study their dream course.”

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