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Meaningful funding for vital charity services

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Thursday 15 September 2022

To support the essential drug and alcohol rehabilitation services that Elishacare provides the community, a Liberals and Nationals Government will provide $25,000 in funding so they can continue doing the work they do.

Elishacare is a local charity serving the Croydon and Lilydale areas, offering rehabilitation services for those impacted by drug and alcohol addiction, providing transitional housing, employment pathways and regular catch-ups.

Liberal Member for Croydon, David Hodgett, acknowledged the important work Elishacare does in the community.

“This charity has brought together families, and given people the hope and opportunity to get back on their feet.”

“Geoff Marsh, who has himself gone through a recovery journey, has built this not-for-profit into a truly meaningful organisation and deserves this funding to continue the amazing work he does.”

Member for Evelyn, Bridget Vallence, echoed Mr Hodgett’s views and was proud to be able to offer Elishacare the funding.

“Drug and alcohol addiction is a very real issue and the Elishacare team are putting their time and effort into supporting those who may struggle to reach out for help.”

“Only a Liberals and Nationals Government will give Elishacare the additional resources it needs.”

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