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Liberals pledge cash for cans

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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

By Jed Lanyon

The state opposition has pledged a cash for containers scheme that will allow Victorians to cash-in by depositing their used containers.

A container deposit scheme aims to encourage the use of recycling and the reduction of litter and landfill waste by allowing the community to collect and return their empty cans, bottles and other containers for a 10 cent refund.

The scheme complements the Liberals’ Zero Waste to Landfill policy to end landfill by 2035 and create a new low emission, reliable energy source.

The state opposition claims the scheme will be designed in consultation with industry, including manufacturers, retailers, and hospitality providers, to maximise community benefits.

Victoria is currently the only state in Australia that does not have, or plans to implement a container deposit scheme.

Boomerang Alliance brought their campaign for a container deposit scheme to the Yarra Valley in December when they gave 10 cents to locals for each can they delivered, while allowing them to sign a petition voicing their support for the issue.

The petition was then forwarded to Evelyn MP Bridget Vallence.

“The Victorian Liberals are committed to Zero Waste to Landfill by 2035. As part of that we’ll deliver a cash for containers scheme,” Ms Vallence said.

“It’ll help local schools, sports clubs and community groups to fundraise, and help to reduce litter and increase recycling.”

Opposition leader Michael O’Brien states, “Victorians have been calling for a cash for containers scheme for years. The Liberals have listened and an O’Brien-led Liberal government will deliver.”

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