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Liberal Nationals waste management pledge

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Friday, 6 December 2019

By Jed Lanyon

The state opposition has pledged a Zero to Landfill policy that aims to transform waste management in Victoria to create energy from household waste.

Eildon MP and deputy leader of the Liberal Party Cindy McLeish said she is excited by the Victorian opposition’s policy that she believes will eliminate household waste going to landfill by 2035.

“Dumping our waste into landfill might have been the best plan we had 70 years ago – but we know better now, and we have the technology to do something about it,” Ms McLeish said.

“By delivering energy-from-waste facilities across Victoria and upgrading our recycling facilities, we can reduce what we send to landfill and turn it into reliable, low emission energy.

If re-elected in the next state election, the opposition state the Zero to Landfill policy will bring energy-from-waste technology currently being used in central Paris, Amsterdam, Germany and Singapore to Victoria along with reforms to recycling.

Large scale energy-from-waste facilities will also create a low emission, baseload energy supply to help meet Victoria’s growing energy needs.

“This is part of our plan for Victoria’s future. We must take responsibility for our own waste so that our children can live in a state that is cleaner than the one we inherited from our parents,” Ms McLeish said.

“It’s time Victoria stepped up and took responsibility for our own waste rather than shipping it to other countries. Our waste – our responsibility.”

Opposition leader Michael O’Brien states, “Victoria desperately needs to reduce the waste we send to landfill and we need new, low emission sources of energy.

“Energy-from-waste technology is the key. It is proven, clean technology in use all around the world. It’s time we brought it to Victoria and the Liberal Nationals will make it happen.

“Our plan is about doing the right thing, solving today’s problems and standing up for future generations.”

Yarra Ranges Council has recently urged residents to continue recycling, following recent reports of some councils in other regions having to send recyclables to landfill.

Council stated that recyclables collected in the area will not be diverted to landfill.

Yarra Ranges Council uses VISY for its recycling collection and processing, and is confident that recyclables collected in the area will continue to be processed.

Recent closures of other company’s recycling plants have not impacted recycling collection or processing in this area.

Yarra Ranges Council urged residents to continue separating their waste and recycling.

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