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Labor set to scrap road safety upgrade

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Friday 9 September 2022

The fears of Coldstream residents have become a reality with the Andrews Labor Government confirming it will likely scrap the Maroondah Highway duplication in Coldstream and refuse to fix the dangerous Killara Road and Station Street intersections, despite this project being fully funded.

In response to repeated questioning from local Evelyn MP, Bridget Vallence, about when works on duplication and traffic lights would begin, the State Government’s Minister for Roads refused to confirm whether these important road safety upgrades would proceed, and instead said the Andrews Labor Government was undertaking a “review of projects in its investment program”.

“For the last 4 years, on behalf of the Coldstream community, I’ve raised the dangerous Killara Road intersection on 15 separate occasions in State Parliament, requesting information from the Andrews Labor Government about when works would commence to fix this dangerous intersection and when the highway duplication would occur. In response Labor’s Roads Minister repeatedly refused to answer questions directly, only turning his back on Coldstream.”

“The Andrews Labor Government has just given its first indication that it plans to redirect the $20 million funding away from the Maroondah Highway Coldstream project.”

“This is a massive kick in the guts for Coldstream residents. In March 2022, the Roads Minister said “community engagement (would) commence in upcoming months, with pre-construction works to follow”, but now 6 months later we’re being told this vital road safety project is under “review”. What’s changed? Maroondah Highway and Killara Road is still dangerous.”

“This most recent statement in Parliament by the Andrews Government’s Roads Minister is just a cruel blow to the Coldstream community.”

“It’s clear you can’t trust Daniel Andrews and Labor, they simply don’t care about road safety upgrades in Coldstream or the Yarra Valley.”

“Coldstream, Yering and Gruyere communities have been calling for Maroondah Highway and Killara Road to be fixed for years.”

“The Coldstream Fire Brigade, local traders and residents are devastated that the Labor government is looking to rip this funding from their community, and I won’t stop fighting together with them to get this road fixed before there is another tragic accident.”

“Daniel Andrews and Labor are just being sneaky. The Roads Minister has himself acknowledged the former Federal Liberal Government handed over $20 million to the Andrews State Government to fund this project back in 2019, but Andrews has sat on the cash and now is refusing to use this money to fix Maroondah Highway Coldstream.”

“We know Daniel Andrews’ ‘Big Build’ projects are already $30 billion over budget and now they’re scrambling to rip money from anywhere to plug their cost overruns. It would be outrageous if this funding for Coldstream is ripped away and re-directed to another city budget-plagued project”.

“It has now become crystal clear that the only way Maroondah Highway Coldstream will be upgraded is if the Victorian Liberals win government in November. Only a Liberal government will duplicate the Maroondah Highway and make the Killara Road intersection safer.”

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