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Jumpstarting Victorian manufacturing

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Sunday 5 December 2021

Today, the Victorian Liberal Nationals announce a major policy commitment to deliver the largest ever investment in manufacturing in Victoria’s history.

After suffering the world’s longest lockdown, Victoria has the highest unemployment, record debt and shattered mental health due to a loss of purpose and our way of life.

Whilst every other state is growing, Victoria’s population is in reverse as Melbourne has gone from the world’s most livable city to the nation’s most leave-able.

Manufacturing has been in decline, and the Andrews Labor Government has done nothing to arrest this decline.

Without a new plan to rebuild and recover from two lost years, Victoria will continue to be left behind.

Therefore, the Victorian Liberal Nationals today announce a $2.5 billion Rebuilding Jobs, Bringing Manufacturing Home program to underpin a new wave of opportunity and hope for our state.

This program will return Victoria’s status as the engine room of Australian manufacturing by focusing on priority areas of strategic importance for the future, including;
• Health & Medicine
• Clean Energy, Zero Emissions and Recycling
• Food, Fibre and Beverages
• Rare Earth and Mineral Processing
• Defence, Transport, Aerospace Technology
• Digital Transformation

Furthermore, this program will establish an industry led Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce to develop and shape Victoria’s Manufacturing Strategy and allocate $1 billion to initiatives in regional Victoria.

Instead of debt fuelled major projects for Melbourne, our plan will reinvigorate small and family businesses across the state and help rebuild and support communities from the ground up.

Employment is more than a pay-check and by delivering purposeful and sustainable careers, our plan will rebuild confidence, our mental health and help get Victoria back on track.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

“The Victorian Liberal Nationals’ plan will make our state the manufacturing engine room of the nation once again.

“By making Victoria’s largest ever investment in manufacturing, we will deliver meaningful careers for workers, opportunity for business and hope for local communities.

“This investment means certainty Victorian small business, families, workers and communities to rebuild and recover with confidence.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Manufacturing, Bridget Vallence:

“Labor’s lockdowns are a policy for the past – our plan will rebuild our state for the future.

“This largest ever investment in manufacturing will revitalize our existing manufacturing base and enable new opportunities that will drive growth and confidence.

“Our plan will unlock a new wave of smarter manufacturing in Victoria and deliver careers and opportunity for tens of thousands across the state."

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