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Inhumane killing of cockatoos

Reading a Newspaper

Thursday 25 February 2021

“It was devastating to hear of the inhumane and unlawful killing of two sulphur crested cockatoos in our local community near Wandin recently.

It is understood that the killer cruelly shot these birds with a bow and arrow and left them to die with the arrows sticking out of them. They were found dead two days later, presumably having suffered immensely.

The community is grateful to those who reported this, and to local authorities who went into action promptly.

This dreadful and cruel act highlights the need to reform the Victorian Wildlife Act. Even if the killer is found the Wildlife Act will not allow them to be punished in line with community expectation. This was demonstrated recently when a farmer was not prosecuted under the Wildlife Act despite ordering the unlawful killing of 406 wedge tailed eagles.

The penalties available under the Wildlife Act do not reflect community expectations and it must be amended to introduce penalties that recognise the level of horror the community feels towards this type of senseless cruelty.

While the Government has announced a review into the Wildlife Act, so far the consultation has been narrow. Consultation must be broadened to include all affected stakeholders, including industry groups and animal welfare organisations to produce a clear and modern framework that includes appropriate penalties that reflect community expectations and provide for a strong disincentive to hurting or killing wildlife, and combines current science with the practical difficulties of dealing with wildlife across Victoria.”

Bridget Vallence MP
Shadow Minister for Environment
State Member for Evelyn

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