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Bridget becomes Principal for a Day

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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Birmingham Primary School, in Mount Evelyn, gained a new principal on Tuesday 3 September, when Bridget Vallence MP, Member for Evelyn, stepped into the school for the 19th annual Principal for a Day.

Ms Vallence was the guest of Birmingham Primary School Principal Trish Enzinger, joining classes and meetings with students and teachers, gaining a first-hand experience of a ‘day in the life’ of a Victorian government school principal.

Ms Enzinger said the event provided mutual benefits for schools and community leaders.

“We are excited to welcome Ms Vallence to our school and we look forward to exchanging ideas, visiting classes, talking to students, and taking part in ‘normal’ daily activities,” Ms Enzinger said.

“Principal for a Day provides us with an excellent opportunity to enable Ms Vallence to gain unique insights into the learning environment at our school.”

Ms Vallence said the opportunity offered a new perspective on the valuable work of schools.

“It was great to shadow Ms Enzinger for the day, and be guided around the school by school captains Cooper and Georgia.

“The STEM programs at Birmingham Primary School in particular showed how engaged the students are in their learning, and the dedication shown by the school’s teachers is invaluable,” Ms Vallence said.

“Being involved in the Principal for a Day program offers an insight into the future of education and enables us to work together, share skills and build an ongoing relationship.”

The Principal for a Day program is run every year across Victoria and is co-ordinated by the Australian Council for Educational Research.

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