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Andrews must stop Kinley kangaroo cull

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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Local Mooroolbark and Lilydale residents are shocked about the plan of the Andrews Labor Government and its agency, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), to slaughter approximately 40 Eastern Grey Kangaroos currently living on the Kinley Estate.

DELWP has prevented the developers of the site from relocating or sterilising the animals on the basis it is “too stressful” for them. Instead, the only option that DELWP has authorised is a cull.

Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, needs to step out from behind the bureaucracy, consult with the community and find humane options for local native wildlife.

The small population of Eastern Grey Kangaroos is important to the local community; residents have expressed a strong desire for these animals to be preserved. There has been no community consultation and local residents are appalled about DELWP’s plan to cull native wildlife. A shooting cull also present serious risks to community safety.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Bridget Vallence:

“The Andrews Labor Government again fails to adequately protect native wildlife.”

“Labor’s agency, DELWP, has authorised the slaughter of the Eastern Grey Kangaroos at Kinley.”

“DELWP authorised the plan to keep the local community in the dark only providing 48 hours notification of killing these kangaroos. The Labor Government does not care about preserving native wildlife and does not care about the community’s views.”

“It’s tragic we’ve reached a point where our Environment Laws preference the killing of native wildlife rather than protecting and rehoming them.”

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