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A magnificent part of Victoria

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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Thank you! As this is my first column as your new local State Member of Parliament, I would like to extend my gratitude to you all, the people of Evelyn, for placing your trust in me to represent you. I will always honour that trust.

I will listen to you and work hard for you, locally in our community and at Parliament in Spring Street. You deserve nothing less.

We live in a magnificent part of Victoria.

In the growing outer eastern suburbs where families seek to fulfil their dreams and provide the best for their children, I’ve heard your concerns about infrastructure challenges in and around the Kinley estate; on your behalf I’ll continually appeal to the government for investment and outcomes around this area.

I’m proud, through the election campaign, to have achieved bi-partisan commitments for so many worthwhile needs in our community, including Mooroolbark’s soccer pavilion redevelopment, assistance for Spectrum Journeys autism service and, most proudly, significant upgrades to the deteriorated facilities at Mount Evelyn’s Special Developmental School.

In the famous Yarra Valley where family farming businesses have flourished for generations to produce some of the world’s finest produce, agribusinesses have diversified and innovated, with many running successful tourism enterprises that contribute to our local economy and create jobs.

In this part of the electorate, there was immense community momentum behind the campaign for upgrades to the dangerous intersection at Maroondah Highway and Killara Road in Coldstream, and it’s fantastic to see this will now be delivered with federal funding.

More than anything, what binds the people in Evelyn, from the suburbs to the farmlands and from generation to generation, is aspiration and a deep sense of community.

Community organisations are places of shared experience and voluntary commitment, and I’ll always back the volunteer.

As we come through another fire season, and earlier this month commemorating 10 years since the horrific 2009 Bushfires I again thank our local CFA Brigades and the SES for their dedication in keeping us safe.

Finally, I congratulate Mount Evelyn RSL and Lilydale RSL for recently celebrating the exceptional milestones of formation 50 and 100 years ago respectively.

Particularly, to RSL volunteers who play an important role in our community providing much needed welfare to members who may at times feel isolated or need a helping hand, thank you.

Organisations like these that epitomise the volunteer spirit essential to the future of communities like ours.

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